About Letters Home and Outside the Wire

Letters Home is a multi-format humanities project that highlights the significance and history of letters and other communications sent by service-people to their loved ones during global conflict.  Veterans, family members, and civilians are invited to take part in a series of programs that engage audiences with this intimate genre. Letters Home is supported in part by an Action Grant from the New Jersey Council for the Humanities.

For an exhibition component of this project, we invite submissions of letters, emails, audio, and video from veterans and family members, accompanied by brief reflections. Correspondence and reflections may be included in forthcoming exhibitions. If you would like to participate in this project, please see the following submission guidelines.

Submission guidelines


Submit a scan (.pdf) or clear photo (.jpg) of the front and back of the letter. Via the submissions portal, send a label for the letter that includes correspondents’ names, dates, and locations , i.e. “Letter from PFC Morris to his mother, Jane Morris, from Iraq to Cinnaminson, NJ. 2004.”


Save a .pdf of the email and submit as that file type. Label the file with correspondents’ names, dates, and locations, as described above.

Audio and video

Save and submit  as .mp3 or .mp4. Label the file with correspondents’ names, dates, and locations, as described above.


With your submission, include your name, relationship to the service member (i.e. mother, brother, friend, self) and a brief reflection (50-100 words) about receiving or sending the letter, email, audio, or video correspondence. You may include a photo of yourself, or a photo of yourself and the service member (optional).

Click here to submit. 


Submitting materials in hard copy

If you would prefer to submit materials in hard copy (for letters and photos only), please make a copy of your materials (DO NOT SEND US YOUR ORIGINALS/ONLY COPIES!) and send them to

Letters Home Project

Leah Falk

305 Cooper Street

Camden, NJ 08102